by Christian Fazzini

This is the first time in NCAA tournament history that two No. 4 seeded teams will face each other. Syracuse and Michigan square off in Atlanta as they both try to advance to the national championship game where they will face the winner of Louisville and Wichita State. Will the 2-3 zone of Syracuse be too much for Michigan to handle? Or will Michigan light it up from beyond the arc? 

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by Maria Lattanzio

Rutgers Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Rice was fired this past Wednesday after a video aired on ESPN showing him shoving and throwing balls at players in practice and using negative homosexual slurs.

Several of his players interviewed saying that he was not as harsh usually as he was when he was captured on tape.

Wally Judge, a junior on the team stated in an interview, “You can’t let those individual moments define what he was.”  

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Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb?

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by Kyle Sullender

In 2011, Hue Jackson never saw his blockbuster trade for Carson Palmer ending like this. The former Heisman winning USC quarterback was traded to the Cardinals this week and while they shipped out their former big money acquisition, Kevin Kolb landed in Buffalo after a disappointing stint in Arizona.

Both quarterbacks were monumental disappointments to their respective franchises, Kolb admittingly more so than Palmer, and it was no surprise to see both of them sent elsewhere before the start of the 2013 season. 

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[nba-video vid=teams/thunder/2013/04/05/SASPostGame130404mov-2434826]


HANG TIME, Texas — There were just over two minutes gone in the fourth quarter when the door seemed to swing open, the red carpet rolled out and Kevin Durant was all but ushered down an empty aisle through the San Antonio defense for a slam dunk that practically screamed out.

It’s still our house and it’s still our Western Conference.

Maybe more than ever. As the days dwindle in the regular season, the inevitable rematch in The Finals with Miami seems more, well, inevitable.

It’s been more than two months now since anyone has looked capable of taking down the defending champion Heat. But it’s been thought all season that the West half of the bracket was going to be a minefield fraught with peril.

When Tony Parker limped up and down the court and finally had to be removed from the game Thursday night…

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In a convergence of basketball and comedy, humor scripted and improvised, with a dash of late-night raunchiness that went beyond his usual network TV gig, Charles Barkley lit up the stage on a “Conan” appearance Thursday night.

He also lit up a couple of old pals while appearing on the TBS show, produced from Atlanta for a week heading into the Final Four.

In a wide-ranging comic interview by host Conan O’Brien, Barkley talked about:

  • His new-found love of “manscaping,” including his new routine of getting his eyebrows waxed.
  • The impact on various parts of his anatomy from adhering to his “Weight Watchers For Men” endorsement deal.
  • His desire to be an NBA general manager. “Y’know what, I’m gonna be a GM,” the Hall of Famer said.
  • The shelf life of his current gig as Turner Sports studio analyst and all-around basketball raconteur. “I don’t want to outstay my…

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Eborated caught up with Grant Milner to see what he thinks about today’s sports blogs and social media!


Ebo- What would you like to see in a sports blog? Mine’s in particular?

Grant- I don’t know. The particular blogs I look at have the works! I would add some stats and maybe a couple of video and links. You know, so your readers can do a follow up.

Ebo- What is your role right now in the sports world?

Grant- haha my role? Well I am the Director and commentator for the University of Memphis radio station. Which I encourage you to listen to! U-92 FM. There is where I do morning shows on all sports. We make sure to touch bases on Memphis sports, but we also talk on anything that’s relevant. I am also on the Men’s Golf team and currently interning with Fox 13.

Ebo- Wow! That’s awesome! Do you use social media? How do you use it?

Grant- I use Twitter and Facebook. I’m often posting pics of the games I attend for work.

Ebo- How do you think I can use social media to promote by blog? Do you blog?

Grant- Easy! Just talk about it. people follow you and like things you say because they take interest in you. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t friend you. Focus on those people to push your blog.I don’t blog blog but I read them a lot. And I follow them on Twitter.

Thanks Grant!

Grant Milner gave a great interview. You can catch him mornings on U 92FM -Memphis, at 8:30a.m. 





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Missed a game last night? Wondering what the latest news around the NBA is this morning? The Morning Shootaround is here to try to meet those needs and keep you up on what’s happened around the league since the day turned.

News of the morning

KG open to move to Clips? | Hawks determined to move J-Smoove? | Buss kept Kobe from moving | Kings not likely to deal | Lin ‘thankful’ he wasn’t an All-Star | Sixers hope for Wall-like comeback for Bynum |

Celtics still open to moving Garnett?Just 10 days ago, Kevin Garnett was quite vocal in his displeasure of any trade talk and backed up his desire to remain with the Celtics during All-Star weekend, going as far as to say he’s going to “live and die in green.”’s Marc Stein reports, though, that the Celtics are trying to possibly get their star…

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